Classroom 2 with Prepositions

Learning Objective

Say where items in a classroom are


Success Criteria

I can name over 10 classroom items

I can name over 5 prepositions

I can say where classroom items are by using prepositions

I can begin to use the dative case


Key Vocabulary


das Klassenzimmer

die Schulsachen

das Buch

das Mäppchen

der Radiergummi

der Bleistift

die Buntstifte

die Bleistiftspitzer

das Lineal

die Schere

der Kleber

der Kugelschreiber

der Schreibtisch

der Stuhl

die (Wasser)flasche

die Tasse 


















Lesson Context

The children learnt around 25 new words last week so there will be lots of practise of those, with no new vocabulary introduced. The children will combine classroom items with prepositions in a variety of exciting ways such as different charades games, 'Simon says' and 'Hangman'. The children will be introduced to the dative case when using today's prepositions, with a view to next week where the children will be doing written exercises relating to the position of classroom objects 



Powerpoint presentation

'Book and School' flashcards for the starter activity

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision  

Slide 2 - Main Introduction

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of 'Book and School' vocabulary 

Explain that the children should be using the 'Lob' words on slide 3 and let them get on with it. Reward children for using the 'Lob' words.


Slides 4 - 22 - Classroom vocabulary

As you did last week, go through and 'sag mir nach' the vocabulary on the slides with the children. You may want to point out the following:


Slide 4 - das Klassenzimmer - die Klasse (the class), das Zimmer (the room)

Slide 5 - die Schulsachen - die Schule (the school), die Sachen (the things)

Slide 6 - die Schultasche - die Tasche (the bag)

Slides 10, 11 and 12 - all contain 'stift'

Slide 16 - der Kugelschreiber - Kugel (sphere), der Schreiber (writer)

Slide 17 - contains 'schreib' as above and Tisch = table


On slides 21 and 22 go over the vocabulary once more


Slide 23 - Prepositions

Again, re-visit the vocabulary on the slide and point out that some of these words have several meanings, but for today we will focus on the first one listed in each case. Give the children a minute or so to learn them


New Activity (stay on slide 23)

Pick up a couple of items that are in the classroom - e.g. glue and a pencil. Place the pencil next to the glue and say 'der Bleistift is neben dem* Kleber'. Repeat with different items and the get the children to say sentences for items that you pick up around the classroom. Now show the children the back of their hand outs. Model a few sentences, talking about the location of items relative to other items on the sheet. Now give the children 5 minutes to practise this with a partner, making lots of different sentences on their tables


*Someone may notice you said 'dem' instead of 'der'. Explain that after all of today's prepositions the article takes the dative case - you will go over this later but emphasise that you will reward the children who do it correctly, rather than say someone is wrong for simply using the nominative case


Slide 24 - Simon (Hans) Says (using hoops)

Explain that we are now going to play 'Simon Says' in German, with a twist. Use lollipop sticks to randomly choose 2 children to compete against each other. Place 2 'PE' hoops on the floor (or create to areas for the competitors to work in). The teacher says a sentence in German e.g. das Lineal ist auf dem Buch. Firstly the children have to go into the classroom and collect the two items. They then return to their designated hoop (where they started from) and place the items relative to each other just as you said in the sentence. So in this example, the winner is the first person to place a ruler on top of a book in their hoop.   


Further ideas:

You can say the sentence again when the first child returns to the hoop with the correct items

Play 'winner stays on' and if one child wins 3 in a row then they earn a special reward

Choose 3 children to compete against each other


Slides 25 - 31 - Charades 1 and introducing the dative case

Use slide 26 as an example. Stand in front of the IWB. Get a child to 'mime' the sentence behind you - der Stuhl ist unter dem Schreibtisch - and you have to guess what they are miming. Get it wrong at first and choose different children to mime the same sentence to you. Hopefully some of the children may have noticed 'dem' instead of 'der'. Tell the children that after all of the prepositions we are learning today, the following noun takes the dative case - now show the children slide 27 and point out the dative case. This will be more important for next week's lesson but if they can get it right today then that would be a bonus


For slides 28 - 31 - choose a child to come to the front with their back to the IWB and the other children perform a mime for the sentence on the IWB. The person miming and standing at the front get a reward if the person standing says the correct sentence and they get an extra reward if the dative case is used correctly


Slides 32 - Charades 2

One child comes up and tells the teacher the sentence that they are going to act out. The sentence must include at least 2 classroom items and a preposition. The first person to guess the correct sentence with the correct use of the dative case wins a reward/gets to come to the front. Repeat several times with different children


Slide 33 - Hangman/Plenary

Model task first and then let some children come to the front with their own sentences. I found these rules work well for the classroom:

* Use the dative case after the preposition  

* The class are only allowed to guess 5 letters and then they must start guessing the sentence

* Whoever gets the sentence can come to the front with their own sentence  


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the learning objective and success criteria after 'Hangman'

Check achievement of the success criteria when you are on slide 34 by questioning and rewarding randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks) 

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