Colours 2 with Flags

Learning Objective

Talk about flags and their colours


Success Criteria

I can say what colour a flag is

I can say what country a flag belongs to

I can say what my favourite flag is

I can sing the German song 'Welche Farbe ist das'.


Key Vocabulary

The colours in German (Die Farben auf Deutsch)

A selection of countries in German

A selection of 'Lob' praise words


die Flagge




Welche Farbe ist das? Das ist .../ Ist das ...?


Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?/Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist ... 

Was ist deine Lieblingsflagge?/Meine Lieblingsflagge ist ...

Das/Hier ist meine Lieblingsflagge


Lesson Context

This is the children's fourth German lesson.  Last week the children learnt colour vocabulary as well as words such as yes, no, that is and my favourite. That learning will be consolidated this week in the form of associating colours with flags. The lesson will begin with a focus on giving praise while playing flashcards/grab the beanbag and a new celebration will be introduced. These will be useful in future German lessons. Asking and answering questions relating to colours and flags will continue throughout the lesson and the lesson will end with the children learning the song 'Welche Farbe ist das', which will be used in future Zeit für Deutsch sessions.



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Kartenspiel cards

Different coloured bean bags and/or any soft coloured items such as teddies or even balls of wool as shown below



Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


If you have coloured beanbags, play Grab the beanbag as your starter activity. If not, play the flashcard game (das Kartenspiel). If you have time, do both


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel

Explain to the children that when they play 'Kartentausch' or 'Kartenspiel' in the future they will be using 'Lob' (praise) when they play. We started this last week with 'Ja richtig', 'Nein falsch' and 'fast'. The children should already know 'gut' and 'wunderbar'. 'Sag mir nach' the praise phrases on slide 3.

Explain and model das Kartenspiel:

  • Children to work in pairs and the pairs agree on who is the teacher and who is the student first. The teacher has all of the cards
  • The teacher shows the front of the card (English side) to the student and the student tries to say the back (German)
  • If the student gets it right the teacher says a 'Lob' word or phrase and gives the student the card
  • If the student gets it wrong or waits more than 10 seconds then the teacher tells the student the German and shows him/her the German side. The teacher then  turns the card back around and asks the student again what the German is. Repeat until the student gets it right and when the student gets it right the teacher says a 'Lob' phrase and gives the student the card
  • After a set time the teacher and student switch roles
  • Right at the end, test some children with cards in front of the whole class  and reward them for getting the German correct. Tell the class beforehand that you will do this

*Note - The flashcards contain vocabulary from the 'Introduction' and ' Colours' lessons. Download them at the bottom of the page


Slide 4 - Starter activity - Grab the beanbag

Have coloured beanbags placed around the room. Randomly select 2 children to compete against each other. The chosen children stand up. Say a colour of a beanbag. The children race to grab the beanbag of that colour and the winner earns a reward if they are able to say 'Das ist ...(and the colour). Repeat several times with different children


Slide 5 - Lieblingsantwort Celebration

Introduce the children to their second celebration. The children already know 'das war gut' and this week they will learn 'Lieblingsantwort' (favourite answer). To the tune of 'Gangnam style', the children sing the vocabulary on the slide, whilst doing 'Gangnam Style' actions. Introducing this celebration this week is useful because the children will be consolidating 'Lieblingsfarbe' and learning 'Lieblingsflagge'.  


Slide 6 - 18 - The Colours

Go through the colours quickly as these were covered last week. Remind the children that the colours are on the back of their sheets, in case they can't remember any


Slide 19 - Welche Farbe/Flagge ist das?

Remind children of last week where they were asked 'Welche Farbe ist das?' Ask a few children this again. Point out the German word for flag - Flagge. Now use sag mir nach with flags instead of colours.  


Slides 20 - 28 - Countries with large German speaking populations

Intercultural understanding - Explain to the children that the flags and countries that we are going to learn are countries with large German speaking populations. Point out that the first three - Germany, Austria and Switzerland are German speaking countries but there are parts of the other countries, for example northern Italy, where German is either the first or second language (above English). Using 'sag mir nach' (twice for each flag), get the children to repeat the country vocabulary after you as you go through the slides.


Question the children as you go with 'Welche Flagge ist das?' Mix the questions with some 'colour' questioning e.g. Welche Farbe ist das? Ist die Flagge blau und weiß? Welche Farbe ist die Flagge von Italien?


Slides 29 - 31 - GB, USA and Europe

Use 'sag mir nach' for the vocabulary on the slide. Point out that German is the most mother-tongue spoken language in Europe. Explain that the German speaking populations in the UK and USA are not big so that it is unique and a great opportunity that the children are learning German.


Slide 32 - Was ist deine Lieblingsflagge?

Sag mir nach the vocabulary on the slide. With a partner on their tables, the children to ask and answer questions as modelled by the teacher from slides 20 - 31. The children can use their hand outs as they do this and point at the flags.


Slide 33 - Bean Bag Pass

Using the bean bags, the catcher answers the question. Mix colour and flag questions such as:

  • Welche Farbe ist das? 
  • Ist das blau?
  • Welche Flagge ist das? (showing a flag on a slide)
  • Ist das die Flagge von Italien?
  • Welche Flagge ist rot und weiß?
  • Welche Farbe ist die Flagge von Deutschland?

Alternatively you could use der Frosch. Ask a question to a child, say his/her name and then throw him/her der Frosch. The catcher answers and then asks their own question to another child and throws der Frosch. This way the children get some more practise asking questions.


Slide 34 - Welche Farbe ist das song

Play the children the song at the bottom of this page (just click on the slide title) This song will be used in future 'Zeit für Deutsch' sessions. 

Sag mir nach the song and then sing together as a class.

Inter-table competition - the children practise for 3 minutes and then sing with their group in front of the class. The winning table wins a reward (and of course a 'Lieblingsantwort' celebration).

Alternatively you could use lollipop sticks to choose individuals to sing the song instead of groups. The chosen child can select a partner to join them if they wish. 


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the song activity

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks) 


Colours 2 with Flags Powerpoint.pptx
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Last week's sheet is on the back in case the child needs to look up colours
Vocabulary Sheet Colours 2 with
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