The first 2 years of German following the Zeit für Deutsch Scheme of Work should bring you up to around lesson 40 (to have 2). In these 2 years, you will assess the children by doing a combination of assessment interview videos and 'Kahoot' Quizzes. I have put 2 examples of German interviews above for you to use as a template. If you wish to see more of these in different year groups and with children at different stages in the course then click here. I would set aside a week or two at the end of each school year to do these interviews, instead of German lessons. 


Kahoot is very simple and effective assessment tool in a quiz format. Everyone in the class will need a tablet/computer. Simply bring up the appropriate Kahoot below on the IWB and the children will need to follow the instructions. At the start this will simply involve entering the website on the screen ( and the game pin. As the children join, you will be able to see their names come up on the screen. They will then take part in a 20 question quiz with each question being multiple choice of 4 possible answers. As each question appears on the large screen at the front, each child selects an answer from their own device. The children get points for each correct answer (and speed) and as the game proceeds, the children will be able to see where they stand in a league table format. This creates a lot of excitement.  


After the quiz, you will receive all of the scores and data about how each child did on each question. From this data you will be able to identify any weaknesses and address them (such as in the following Zeit für Deutsch sessions). Simply email me after your class has done the test and I will email you back the data.


After lesson 50, the children will begin formal written work in their German books. This should be around halfway through their 3rd year of Zeit für Deutsch. This is an additional form of assessment for you to evaluate the children's progress. Kahoot quizzes will however continue after lesson 50 to provide an additional layer of assessment


kahoot quizzes:

Lessons 1 - 10 - Link Below

1) Introduction

2) Colours

3) Body

4) Clothes

5) Numbers


Lessons 11 - 20 - Link Below

1) Animals

2) Fruit

3) Weather

4) Breakfast

5) Months     


Lessons 21 - 30 - Link Below

1) Birthday

2) Phone

3) Weekdays

4) Family

5) Book


Lessons 31 - 40  - Link Below

1) School

2) Continents

3) House

4) To be

5) To have


Lessons 41 - 51 - Link Below

1) Sport

2) Hobbies

3) Town and Directions

4) Likes and Dislikes

5) Letter to Penpal

Lessons 52 - 63 - Link Below

1) Classroom with Prepositions

2) People

3) German Dictionary

4) Modal Verbs