Months 2

Learning Objective

Use the months of the year in sentences


Success Criteria

I can name the months of the year

I can say what month my birthday is in

I can find out when other people have their birthdays

I can create sentences using months, clothes and weather

I can use the German word for 'because'


Key Vocabulary

die Monate

Januar, Februar, März, April, Mai, Juni, Juli, August, September, Oktober, November, Dezember


die Kleidung

das Wetter


der Geburtstag

Wann hast du Geburtstag?

Ich habe im ... Geburtstag


Vocabulary for items of clothing

Vocabulary for the weather

Happy Birthday song in German


Lesson Context

This is the children's second lesson on months and the lesson will begin with some fun activities where the children will consolidate the 12 months in German. The children will then revisit combining months vocabulary with clothes and the weather in complex sentences. These complex sentences will be further extended by the introduction of the German word for because - weil. The children will then be challenged to use 'weil' and the seperable verb 'anhaben' in the same sentence. The lesson will end with the children learning how to say when their birthday is and singing 'Happy Birthday' in German.



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Flashcards (Fruit and Weather) for the starter activity. The Weather vocabulary will be useful in this lesson

'Find Someone Who ...' sheets

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of Fruit and the Weather

The children should know how to play the flashcard game by now so explain that they should be using the 'Lob' words on slide 3 and let them get on with it. The weather vocabulary will be useful in today's lesson as some children will be able to express what the weather is like in certain months and therefore what clothes they would wear.


Slides 4 - 15 

Sag mir nach the months vocabulary on the slides and ask questions relating the months to weather and clothes. For example, you could ask the following:

Slide 4 - Ist es heiß in Januar?

Slide 5 - Es regnet in Februar. Ist das Wahr?

Slide 7 - Wie ist das Wetter in April?

Slide 11 - In August es ist sonnig. Was habe ich an?

Slide 13 - Wie ist das Wetter in Oktober


Slides 16 - 19 - Disappearing Months

Sag mir nach the months once more using slide 16 and then get the class to chant them without your help. Now go to slide 17 and see if the class can chant them with 4 months missing. Click again and repeat until you get to slide 19 and the class should hopefully be able to chant the months. Give the children a minute to memorise and practise on their own and then randomly select and reward children who are able to chant the months on their own


Slide 20 - The Birthday

Explain that in future 'Zeit für Deutsch' sessions the '4 Questions' activity will become '5 Questions' and that the children will need to be able to say when their birthday is. Sag mir nach the vocabulary and then get the children to practise asking and answering the question with children on their table. After a bit of practise, ask some random children and reward them if the answer with a correct sentence.


Slide 21 - Find Someone who... Birthdays

Using the hand out at the bottom of the page, the children circulate around the classroom, asking pupils the birthday question at the top of their hand out (and on the slide). The children answer with the red vocabulary on the slide and the German word for the month they were born in. The asker writes the name of the person under the relevant month. They can write the name of additional children in the boxes if any month is popular but the aim is to fill in all of the boxes with names. Once completed, ask the class to share their findings


Slide 22 - Months and Clothes

This is the same as 'Slide 12', used in 'Months 1'. Use this slide to revise what the children did last week using the separable verb - anhaben. Say a few examples such as 'In Februar habe ich die Socken an' and then give the children a few minutes to practise and reward randomly selected children if they are able to do this.  


Slide 23 - Weil (Because)

Introduce the children to the German word for because - 'weil'. Explain that you are going to challenge them to speak a very high level of German, with lots of German grammar in the same sentence. 'Weil' can be tricky because after you use it, you have to send the verb to the end of the sentence. Use the example of the slide to demonstrate this and make up some of you own examples, emphasising the verb at the end (just use 'ist' for today). Now give the children a minute to think and then see if anyone can translate the sentence in purple into German. The answer is 'Im August habe ich das T-Shirt an, weil es heiß ist.*


*Note - Point out that you have said 'habe' before 'ich'. Also point out that if you were to say 'weil es ist heiß' this still sounds ok but it is not perfect German. You can go more into the grammar if you want but at Primary level I would just mention it.


Slide 24 - Weil - Translation

Challenge the children to see if they can translate these 5 sentences into German. Explain that you will give them 5 minutes to write the translations on their sheets and will then randomly select (and reward) children who are able to translate correctly. This slide is on the children's hand outs and there is also a 'weather' slide on their hand outs to help them


Plenary - Slide 25 - Happy Birthday in German

Sag mir nach and sing the song and then get the children to sing the song alone, in their groups or with a partner.  Explain that you say 'liebe' for a girl and 'lieber' for a boy, although the pronunciation is similar. Ask for some volunteers to come to the front or you could hold a class singing competition. If it is anyone's birthday then obviously sing Happy Birthday to them.


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after 'Happy Birthday'

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks)  

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