German Resources to Come

In the Summer of 2015 I will be adding German lesson plans on the following topics to the website:

  • Numbers (2 plans)
  • Animals (2 plans)
  • Fruit (2 plans)
  • The Weather (2 plans)
  • Breakfast (2 plans)
  • Months of the Year (2 plans)
  • Birthdays (2 plans)

The plans will include all power points, hand outs and other resources needed to implement the lessons successfully. Every time I add 2 plans (a topic), I will add a Zeit für Deutsch plan. So once the two 'Numbers' plans are uploaded for example, 'Zeit für Deutsch B' will be available. To compliment the German Lesson Plans and Zeit für Deutsch sessions, I will include more videos of these lessons and sessions in action. These will also feature 'Celebrations' or 'Lob' chants that I wrote about in my Lesson Plans guide. Furthermore, I will upload more interviews with children from The Oval in German and I will also link to other relevant external videos. I also have a wealth of 'extras' that I intend to add. Two examples of these are:

  1. German signage for your school. This will include all the signs you will need to make German very visible in your school, from 'das Lehrerzimmer' to 'Das Büro der Direktorin'
  2. Elves and the Shoemaker script. I re-wrote "Die Wichtelmänner" in basic German so that some of my Year 6 children could perform the play completely in German for our school Christmas production.

As you can understand, the life of a teacher is very busy, so I will upload these items at the first opportunity I get, which will be the summer holidays. Until then, viel Spaß with the resources I have uploaded so far. If you have used or intend to use any, please leave a comment below.