Weekdays 1 with Months

Learning Objective

Name the days of the week in German


Success Criteria

I can name the seasons and months of the year

I can group together weekdays, seasons and months in order

I can understand a conversation about the days of the week

I can sing a song about the days of the week


Key Vocabulary


German 'days of the week'

German 'months of the year'

German 'seasons'

Lyrics to the 'days of the week' song

Conversational vocabulary from the telephone transcript


Lesson Context

This is the  first lesson on 'weekdays'  and there is also a strong focus on revising the months and seasons in this lesson. The lesson contains many fun activities including group card games, 'Say if true', 'Listen and clap' and 'Who is singing'. 'Bingo' also revises elements of the previous 'phone' lessons. The lesson ends with an inter-table singing conversation, where the best singer earns a reward as per the blue success criteria.



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Flashcards (Breakfast and Months) for the starter activity. The months vocabulary will be useful in this lesson

Cards of months, weekdays and seasons for the group activity

Slide 7 printed out separately

YouTube clip of the weekday song (see below)

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC

Highlight the 'Blue' Success Criteria - 'I can sing a song about the days of the week'. Explain that at the end of the lesson you will select and reward the best singer of the days of the week song


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of Breakfast vocabulary and Months

Explain that the children should be using the 'Lob' words on slide 3 and let them get on with it. Reward children for using the 'Lob' words. Some of the 'numbers' vocabulary will be useful in today's lesson.


Slide 4 - Days of the Week - Say if true

Sag mir nach the vocabulary on the slide. Discuss any patterns, similarities and differences with English. Play 'say if true'. Using a pointer, say the days of the week as you point at them. Every now and then say a different weekday to the one you are pointing at or even a completely different word. If any of the children copy the mistake that you made then you win a point. If however, none of the children repeat (and perhaps make a sign such as the 'Mobot'), then they win a point. Compete with the class, try to trick them and reward them if they win.


Slide 5 - Months and Seasons Revision - Say if true

Repeat the activities that you did with Slide 4 - 'sag mir nach' and 'say if true'. Again, compete with the children and reward them if they beat you.


Tell the children that in 5 minutes you will randomly select someone to recite the days of the week, months of the year and seasons in order, without looking at their hand out. Give the children 5 minutes to practise with their partner. If the chosen child is unable to do this, then keep selecting children until someone can. Reward the first child who is able to do it.  


Now give each group a set of cards with the months, seasons and days of the week on. The children will compete against each other to order them with the winning team earning a reward. You may want to tell the children to turn their sheets over for this activity (and also remove slide 5).


If time permits, get the children to play 'say if true' with their partners on their tables.


Slide 6 - Listen and Clap

Inform the children that they are going to play 'Listen and Clap' based on a phone conversation they will listen to. They will play this just once and you (or a helper) will look out for who is clapping at the correct times. Read Slide 7 (printed out - don't show them the slide) and the children have to clap every time they hear a weekday. Reward the children who do this well


Slide 7 - German Conversation Bingo

Inform the children that they are now going to play Bingo based on the phone conversation. Tell them they will make their own cards based on what they can remember from the conversation. They have heard it once. On the back of their sheets, they should write 4 days of the week, one type of weather and one way to end a conversation. That is their bingo card and they should cross them out as they hear them.


Now slowly read from your print out of slide 7 (don't show them the slide yet). The first child to cross out all of their words shouts 'Lotto'. Ask the child to read out the words they crossed out and if correct, they earn a reward.


Slide 8 - Phone conversation transcript

Explain to the children that this is what you just said on the phone. Read once more and ask the children to see if they can translate certain parts.


Slide 9 - Days of the Week Song

Play the YouTube clip at the bottom of this page, but only the part with the same lyrics as the slide (I have changed the last line). Now try to sing the song with the children along with the clip. The children can use their hand outs to help with this. Run an inter-table competition. Allow the children 5 minutes to practise singing and actions and then each table can sing in front of the class, with the winning table earning a reward. 


Slide 10 - Plenary - Who is singing?

Ask a child to come to the front of the class and stand with his/her back to the other children. Someone from the class then sings one of the German lines from the song (in a funny voice if they wish) and the person at the front has to guess who sang. If the person at the front guesses correctly then they stay where they are, if not the 'speaker' gets to go to the front. The person at the front has the chance of earning a bonus reward if they are also able to correctly translate the sentence into English  


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the singing activity

Before the singing activity, highlight the 'Blue SC' and remind the children that the best individual singer will earn a reward

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