Testimonials about Zeit für Deutsch

Here's what parents had to say after participating in the 'continents 1' lesson:


Impressed by the way the class was kept engaged. The children were interacting with the teacher as well as each other and seemed to fully enjoy the lesson. Sienna regularly comes home speaking German and I  believe languages are an essential skill for our youth. Teacher is doing a great job


Great lesson today. I can see how much all of the children enjoy German. Well done and great to see them all enjoy a lesson


I think it was good to role play while learning German as it encourages the pupils to get more involved. I also enjoyed sharing the experience of joining in with the group. Thank you 


I really enjoyed the lesson. The way they learn by playing is a really good thing. Even though I work I asked permission to leave early to attend a very excellent lesson. The ideas for stickers and praise for all children by song is great. Thank you for the gift


Great interactive session


I enjoyed the lesson very much. It was good to see how Thea is taught as she really enjoys learning German and is always speaking it at home


Its very impressive that children of this age can speak and want to learn German. Alexandra is always talking about her German lessons at home and is always telling us what she has learnt. She really enjoys the lessons and we are very impressed with what she has learnt so far