Weather 2

Learning Objective

Say what the weather is like


Success Criteria

I can sing a German song about the weather

I can use the German words for the seasons, windy, foggy and cloudy

I can translate a script about the weather

I can perform a weather forecast in German



Key Vocabulary

All of the vocabulary from Weather 1, especially vocabulary about the sun, rain and snow.


Extra Vocabulary

Es ist windig

Es ist wolkig

Es ist neblig

Es ist ... Grad

Heiß oder Kalt

Oft oder immer

Hell oder dunkel

der Wetterbericht


der Frühling

der Sommer

der Herbst

der Winter

Hallo, ich heiße ...








Lesson Context

You will need to prepare more resources than usual this lesson. Because of the amount of learning and activities, the lesson starts with a brief revision of a weather song instead of a 'card' activity.  The children will revise answers to 'wie ist das Wetter' from last week but this week more vocabulary such as windy and cloudy will be introduced. The children will learn the seasons and will link that up with weather and they will also perform weather reports where they will revisit some of their 'country' vocabulary. The children will translate a German transcript and the lesson will also end with translations where they will play 'Zusammen' in the form of 'who wants to be a millionaire'.  



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Background map of Europe with 5 countries from the slides labelled (in German)

Weather Symbols to stick on the map (use page 3 of hand out)

Video Recorder to film weather reports

A3 copy of page 3 of the hand out (with large weather symbols)


A weather calendar which the children can independently learn from and update after the lesson. 

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - 'Wie ist das Wetter' song

Sag mir nach each line of this song which was learnt at the end of last lesson.  Give the children a couple of minutes to practise and then ask pairs to come up to perform the song. Then sing the song as a class.


Slides 4 - 10 - 'Wie ist das Wetter heute' practise

Ask randomly selected children 'wie ist das Wetter heute'. The children have to give to sentences in reply, depending on which weather slide is on the IWB. If a child gives two relevant sentences to the slide, they earn a reward.  Start with slides 5 -7 where the answers are on the IWB and then move onto slides 8 - 10, where there is simply a weather symbol. All vocabulary that the children need is on their hand outs


Slide 11 - More Weather Expressions

Sag mir nach the vocabulary on the slide. Now refer to the large A3 version of the weather symbol sheet (page 3 on the children's hand outs) which should be stuck on the wall somewhere near the IWB. Leaving slide 11 on the IWB, point at some of the symbols and ask the children 'wie ist das Wetter heute?' As they did last week, the children should try to give two answers for each symbol. For example, if you point at the snowy clouds, a child could say: 'es ist wolkig und es schneit'.


On their tables with a partner, one child points at a weather symbol and asks 'wie ist das Wetter heute?' The partner replies with 2 sentences relevant to the question. The children need to use the hand out for this task. Remind the children to use 'Lob' such as 'fantastisch' or 'prima' when their partner is correct.


Slides 12 - 15 - The Seasons

Sag mir nach each season and simply ask 'wie ist das Wetter im Herbst/Winter/Frühling/Sommer?' The children to answer with 'im Herbst/Winter/Frühling/Sommer ....'


Slide 16 - Weather Script Translation

The children should now know all of the vocabulary to translate the script on this slide. Model the conversation with a more able child. The child says the writing in black and you read the red writing. Give the children 5 - 10 minutes to translate the script into English, which is also on their hand outs. They may use a pencil if they wish. Tell them that you will randomly select 2 children at the end of the translation time - 1 to translate the first 6 lines and 1 to translate the last 6. If they translate accurately they will win a reward.


Slides 17 - 23 - Weather Report

Explain to the children that they now have all of the vocabulary they need to do their own weather reports. Sag mir nach the countries they can use (slides 18 - 22, previously learnt in Colours 2 with Flags.) Explain that if they want to point to a different country, they can simply say 'hier' which means 'here'. Model how to perform a weather report, for example:


Hallo, ich heiße Ethan

In Deutschland ist es kalt

In Großbrittanien scheint die Sonne (die Sonne scheint is also fine)

In Polen ist es kalt und wolkig

Hier ist es windig aber warm

Danke, tschüss


Model again, using different vocabulary. Now let the children practise their own weather report with their partner for 5 - 10 minutes, using pages 2 or 4 of their hand outs. After the time is up, ask for volunteers to perform the weather report in front of the large map (and class and camera). The children may do the report in pairs if they wish.   


Plenary - Slides 24 - 44 - Wer wird Millionär?

'Zusammen' activity. Children to work with a partner using a wipe board and pen but today we will using the 'who wants a be a millionaire' style slides.  

  • Say the English and bring up the four possible German answers
  • The children work together quietly to write the correct letter on their wipe boards - A, B, C or D
  • After the time limit the children reveal their answers simultaneously
  • Repeat for the next question

*Extension - Get the children to write the German before any of the options appear.

*Note - I feel it helps learning to let the children have a 'break' after question 3 so that they can look and learn from their sheets. Go back to the quiz after 2 minutes 'break'.


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the 'Zusammen' activity (or weather reports if you run out of time) 

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks)  

Recorded evidence of the children performing the weather reports

Weather 2.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 1.6 MB
4 pages you will need this lesson. Print 1st 2 back to back
Vocabulary Sheet Weather 2.docx
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