People 1 - Sebastian Vettel

Learning Objective

Say some facts about Sebastian Vettel


Success Criteria

I know what Sebastian Vettel does

I can say what Sebastian Vettel likes

I know some information about Vettel's career

I can play a car racing game in German


Key Vocabulary 


die Stadt

Ich wiege

die Geschwister

in meiner Freizeit


der Fahrer

die Rennstrecken

Mein Leben







Ich heiße …. und mein Auto ist …

Ich gewinne

Ich bin an erster Stelle

Ich bin an zweiter Stelle

Ich bin an dritter Stelle

Ich bin an letzter Stelle

Ich überhole

Ich bin der schnellste Fahrer

Ich bin die schnellste Fahrerin 

Lesson Context

This is the first German lesson with a focus on a prominent person and much of the vocabulary will be unfamiliar to the children. However the new vocabulary will be made accessible through 'match up' and 'racing' games. In the 'match up' activity, the children will be encouraged to identify the key vocabulary in German sentences in order to understand the gist of what is being said. In the racing game, the children will apply new vocabulary in a fun, competitive environment  



Powerpoint presentation

'Birthday and Phone' flashcards for the starter activity

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision  

Cut up sheets for the 'match up' activity in bags/paperclipped

'Race time' sheet - printed out on A3 - this will be the racetrack

30+ Small toy cars (1 for each child - narrow enough to fit on the grid)

Dice for each group

YouTube clip - see bottom of page

Slide 2 - Main Introduction

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of 'Birthday' and 'Phone' vocabulary 

Explain that the children should be using the 'Lob' words on slide 3 and let them get on with it. Reward children for using the 'Lob' words. Some of the ordinal numbers will be useful this lesson


Slide 4 - Sebastian Vettel Introduction

Ask the children if anyone knows anything about Sebastian Vettel. Play YouTube clip to introduce Vettel to the whole class. Ask the children if they recognise any words from the clip. You could also ask the children some questions from the clip


Slides 5 - 7 - Match up

Introduce the 'Match Up' activity and go over the vocabulary on slide 6 with the children. This vocabulary will help them in the match up activity.


Each pair of children has a pack of 'sentence facts' about Sebastian Vettel, half in English and half in the corresponding German. The pair has to match up the German sentences in their bags to the corresponding English sentences. When they are finished they put up their hands. When each pair puts up their hands check their answer and tell them 'richtig' or 'falsch' and reward them appropriately


Extension 1- Get the children to write down the English translation underneath the German on their hand outs

Extension 2 - if some children finish very quickly you can send them to slower pairs to help them.


Slides 8 - 10 - Race Time and Vocabulary

Go over the race time vocabulary with the children and explain that they when they are racing, they will only be allowed to speak German.


In a simple game (but done in the German language), each child lines up their car on the race time sheet 'grid' and becomes a German Formula 1 racing driver. Children take it in turns to roll the dice and move their car the appropriate amount of spaces. The winner is the 1st car to reach 20. Each group repeats the game several times, and all the time encourage and reward the children who use the 'Race Time' vocabulary.


Game alternatives:

Only odd roles count - 1, 3  and 5

If you roll a 6 you can choose to send another car back a number of spaces


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the learning objective and success criteria after the racing activity

Check achievement of the success criteria when you are on slide 11 by questioning and rewarding randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks). Ask the children if they can tell you anything about Sebastian Vettel

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Vocabulary Sheet German People 1 - Sebas
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Match Up Sheet - German People 1 - Sebas
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