Colours 1

Learning Objective

Know the colours in German


Success Criteria

I can point to something when told a colour in German

I can say 'that is' or 'that is not' a colour

I can tell someone what my favourite colour is


Key Vocabulary

The colours in German (Die Farben auf Deutsch)




Zeigt mir etwas, das ... ist

Ja, richtig/Nein, falsch/Fast

Welche Farbe ist das? Das ist .../ Ist das ...?


Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?/Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist ... 


Lesson Context

This is the children's third German lesson.  Last week the children learnt how to introduce themselves, classroom commands and chants in German, which are intended to be embedded into other lessons. The main focus this week is learning the colour vocabulary but this vocabulary will be built into sentences where the children will also learn 'yes', 'no', 'and', 'that is', 'is that', 'show me' and 'my favourite colour is'.  You will consolidate the children's 'introduction' vocabulary by using 'Kartentausch' as a starter and you will introduce 'colour' activities that will be part of future Zeit für Deutsch sessions such as 'Bean Bag Pass' and 'Zeit mir etwas, das'.   



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Tauschen cards

Different coloured bean bags (and/or coloured soft items such as teddies)

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Kartentausch

Revision of 'introduction' vocabulary. Use 'sag mir nach' for the vocabulary on the slide. Encourage the children to use this vocabulary during Kartentausch when the children get the translation correct, incorrect or almost correct.


Children find a partner with their hand up, say the German word in Red, the partner has to say the English word in Black. Show the correct answer to your partner. Swap cards. Hand up. Find a new partner with their hand up and repeat. After two minutes change the activity slightly so that the first partner says the English word and the partner has to say the German word.


Slides 4 - 16 - The Colours

Using 'sag mir nach' (twice for each colour), get the children to repeat the colour vocabulary after you as you go through the slides.


Slide 17 - Welche Farbe ist das?

Use 'sag mir nach' for the vocabulary on the slide. Point at things in the classroom and ask questions from the slide such as 'ist das blau?' or 'Welche Farbe ist das?' Then get a pupil to walk around the class and ask the questions to the rest of the class. Children to answer in full sentences e.g. 'Nein, das ist gelb' or 'das ist schwarz'.


Working in pairs, children can practise this on their tables pointing at colours on their hand outs and table items.


Bean Bag Pass (still slide 17)

Pass/throw the bean bags (or other soft items such as teddies) at the children. Ask the child who catches the bean bag either 'Welche Farbe ist das?' or 'Ist das ...?'. Children to answer the questions using 'ja', 'nein', and 'das ist...'.


Slide 18 - Additional Colour Vocabulary

'Sag mir nach' the extra vocabulary on this slide. Point at some light/dark coloured items in the classroom and ask the same questions as for 'Bean Bag Pass'.


Zeigt mir etwas, das ... ist (show me something that is ...) - still slide 18

Randomly choose 2 children (using lollipop sticks) to compete against each other. When chosen these children stand up. Say 'Zeigt mir etwas, das ... ist', inserting a colour for ... . The children then look around the classroom for an item that is the correct colour. The first child to touch an item of the appropriate colour wins a reward. Repeat for different children.


Slide 19 - Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe and Turn Toss

'Sag mir nach' the vocabulary on the slide. Ask some children what their favourite colour is and they answer using the vocabulary on the slide. Get one child to ask you what your favourite colour is. Now use der Frosch. Holding the frog, say what your favourite colour is. Then ask what someone's favourite colour is and throw Felix at them. Say their name after the question so that everybody is ready with an answer. The child who now has Felix says what their favourite colour is and asks someone else what their favourite colour is, throwing Felix at the next child. Continue for a few minutes.

Extend by asking a child what some one else's favourite colour is. E.g. David, was ist Lucy's Lieblingsfarbe. David would reply with 'Lucy's Lieblingsfarbe ist ...' 


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the Turn Toss activity

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks) 


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*Note - The hand out contains an interesting map of where German is spoken in Europe. You could point out that Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the main German speaking countries. Use this to signpost next week's lesson where the children will learn the names of countries, especially those where there is a large German speaking population.