Clothes 2

Learning Objective

Memorise and say sentences about clothes in German


Success Criteria

I can play der Kartentausch and give 'Lob' to support my partner

I can ask and answer questions such as 'was ist das?' and 'welche Farbe ist das?'

I can play memory games with German vocabulary


Key Vocabulary

A selection of 'Lob' praise words - new this week - Schön - beautiful

German items of clothing - new this week - der Rock, der Mantel, die Stiefel, die Shorts, die Bluse, der Gürtel, das Trikot

Was ist das ? Das ist ...

Welche Farbe ist das? Das ist ...

Ist das ...? Das ist ...


Oder, sind

Was fehlt? Die ..... fehlt

Was packst du in deinen Koffer? Ich packe in meinen Koffer ...


Lesson Context

This is the children's eighth German lesson. The children will revise the clothing vocabulary learnt last week and also learn some new clothes. They will combine this new vocabulary with an understanding of 'sind', 'oder' and plurals, together with revision of sentences such as 'welche Farbe ist das', 'das ist' and 'ist das'. Three 'Zeit für Deutsch' memory games will be introduced this lesson. 'Ich packe in meinen Koffer' will challenge the children to name as many clothes as they can and 'was fehlt' will test the children's ability to identify a missing item of clothing in German. 'Running dictation' makes the children hold a sentence in their heads for a period of time and the lesson will end with an intercultural understanding element where the children will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform.



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Kartentausch cards - including praise words, parts of the body and clothes

'Running Dictation' sheets - put up around the classroom but not so the children can read them from their seats

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Der Kartentausch (Card Swap)

'Sag mir nach' the praise phrases on slide 3. 'Schön' at the bottom is new.

Explain and model der Kartentausch:

Revision of 'Lob words', parts of the body and clothes learnt last week. Children find a partner with their hand up, say the German word in Red, the partner has to say the English word in Black. Show the correct answer to your partner. Swap cards. Hand up. Find a new partner with their hand up and repeat. After two minutes change the activity slightly so that the first partner says the English word and the partner has to say the German word.


Slide 4 - New Celebration - Das war fantastisch

The children currently have 2 celebrations - 'das war gut' and 'Lieblingsantwort'. Model the new celebration called 'Das war fantastisch', to the tune of 'it's all about the base'. Suggest some actions to go with this celebration but be open to the children making up their own. 


Slide 5 - Extra Vocabulary

'Sag mir nach' (repeat after me) the vocabulary on the slide. Point out that 'sind' is 'are' so the children will now be able to say sentences such as 'the shoes are green' and 'the gloves are purple'.


Slides 6 - 8 - Plural questioning

Point out that plurals are different in German. Where we just usually add an 's', in German there are different ways such as adding an'e' or an 'en'. Ask questions such as 'welche Farbe sind die Schuhe'?

Extend with 'or' questions such as 'sind die Socken blau oder rosa?'


Slides 9 - 15 - New clothing vocabulary 

Model saying the items of clothing using 'sag mir nach'. As you go, ask random children 'Was ist das' und 'Welche Farbe ist das' whilst pointing at the slide or items of clothing on yourself or in the classroom. Children to reply with 'das ist ...'

Extend again with 'or' questions such as 'ist die Bluse blau oder rot?'


With their partners, the children use their sheets (with clothing pictures) and their own clothes to ask their partners the questions just modelled. The partner answers. Encourage the children to use the 'Lob' words if their partner answers correctly.  


Slides 16 - 22 - Was fehlt?

The first of three memory games today and this will be included in future 'Zeit für Deutsch' sessions. Sag mir nach (repeat after me) the phrases 'was fehlt' und '... fehlt'. Explain that one of the items of clothing will soon disappear and if the chosen child is able to tell me what is missing in a full German sentence (e.g. der Hut fehlt), they will win a reward. Sag mir nach the items of clothing on slide 16 and after you have said 'die Jacke' tell the children that they have 30 seconds to memorize what is on the board. After 30 seconds go to slide and one item has disappeared. Now ask 'was fehlt?' and randomly choose a child using lollipop sticks. Repeat until slide 22.

*Note - you can flick between the screens to make it more exciting and when you do this in the future you can copy the slide and remove different items.


Slide 23 - Running Dictation

Pin copies of the running dictation sheet (bottom of the page) around the classroom. Ask the children to either work with a partner or with their group. One child has to go to the sheet and read it, then return to their group and say it out loud. The receiving group/partner has to write down what the 'runner' says. As their are 12 lines on the sheet, the runner will have to go backwards and forwards several times between the paper and the group. Someone from the winning group will earn a reward.

*Note - I find it best to pin 4 sheets up - 1 on each wall (they are all the same sheet). Also tell the students they can only go to the sheet furthest away from them. Tell each group which sheet that is before the activity


Slide 24 - Ich packe in meinen Koffer 

This is the third memory game today. This will also be included in the 'clothes' part of future 'Zeit für Deutsch' sessions. Explain that 2/3 children will randomly be chosen to compete in this competition with the winner getting a prize. The children say 'ich packe in meinem Koffer' and then say as many clothes as they can. Model this for them before you select the children using lollipop sticks.

*Note - it is easier if you start from the top of your body (or Hut) and work your way down


Slide 25  - Plenary, assessment and song (if time)

This slide features children in school in the UK and Germany. Can any children tell the difference? Point out that children don't wear school uniform in Germany. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? Discuss.


Slide 26 - Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken

I have included this slide in the power point in case you would like to practise the song again after last week. Feel free to include it anywhere within the lesson.


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the school uniform discussion

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks)  

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