Clothes 1

Learning Objective

Name items of clothing


Success Criteria

I can play das Kartenspiel and give 'Lob' to support my partner

I can ask and answer questions such as 'was ist das?' and 'welche Farbe ist das?'

I can say what an item of clothing is and what colour it is

I can sing a traditional German song

I can translate English sentences into German


Key Vocabulary

A selection of 'Lob' praise words - new this week - Prima

German items of clothing

German words for 'the'

Lyrics to 'Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken'


Was ist das ? Das ist ...

Welche Farbe ist das? Das ist ...

Ist das ...? Das ist ...



Lesson Context

This is the children's seventh German lesson and the children will learn the vocabulary for eleven items of clothing. The lesson will follow a similar pattern to last week with 'sag mir nach', questioning and going through items of clothing. The children will combine this new vocabulary with revision of colours and sentences/questions such as 'that is', 'is that' and 'what colour is that?' The children will practise this vocabulary in structures such as 'Das Kartenspiel', learning a traditional song and by playing 'Zusammen', which this week will be in the form of an exciting 'who wants to be a millionaire' style quiz.



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision

Kartenspiel cards - these cards include colours which will help them this lesson

Main Introduction

Slide 2

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of colours

'Sag mir nach' the praise phrases on slide 3. 'Prima' at the bottom is new.

Explain and model das Kartenspiel:

  • Children to work in pairs and the pairs agree on who is the teacher and who is the student first. The teacher has all of the cards
  • The teacher shows the front of the card (English side) to the student and the student tries to say the back (German)
  • If the student gets it right the teacher says a 'Lob' word or phrase and gives the student the card
  • If the student gets it wrong or waits more than 10 seconds then the teacher tells the student the German and shows him/her the German side. The teacher then  turns the card back around and asks the student again what the German is. Repeat until the student gets it right and when the student gets it right the teacher says a 'Lob' phrase and gives the student the card
  • After a set time the teacher and student switch roles
  • Right at the end, test some children with cards in front of the whole class  and reward them for getting the German correct. Tell the class beforehand that you will do this

Slide 4 - Questions and answers vocabulary

'Sag mir nach' (repeat after me) the vocabulary on the slide. As we learnt over the past two weeks with parts of the body, point out that in German there are different words for 'the', depending on the gender of the noun. We are now going to learn the vocabulary for items of clothing


Slides 5 - 15 - Items of clothing

Model saying the items of clothing using 'sag mir nach'. As you go, ask random children 'Was ist das' und 'Welche Farbe ist das' whilst pointing at the slide or items of clothing on yourself or in the classroom. Children to reply with 'das ist ...'

Extension - You could ask some children 'Ist das ....' and say something different to the slide or item of clothing you are pointing at. The children would then have to say 'nein, das ist ....'


With their partners, the children use their sheets (with clothing pictures) and their own clothes to ask their partners the questions just modelled. The partner answers. Encourage the children to use the 'Lob' words if their partner answers correctly.  


Slide 16 - Mein Hut, der hat, drei Ecken

Model the song, suggested actions and show the translation. Then sing the song together as a class.

Inter-table competition - the children practise for 3 minutes and then perform with their group in front of the class, making up their own actions if they wish. The winning table wins a reward (and a 'Lieblingsantwort' or 'Das war gut' celebration). Alternatively you could use lollipop sticks to choose individuals to sing the song instead of groups. The chosen child can select a partner to join them if they wish. 

This song will be used in future 'Zeit für Deutsch' sessions.  


Plenary - Slides 17 - 36 - Wer wird Millionär?

'Zusammen' activity. Children to work with a partner using a wipe board and pen but today we will using the 'who wants a be a millionaire' style slides.  

  • Say the English and bring up the four possible German answers
  • The children work together quietly to write the correct letter on their wipe boards - A, B, C or D
  • After the time limit the children reveal their answers simultaneously
  • Repeat for the next question

*Extension - Get the children to write the German before any of the options appear.

*Note - I feel it helps learning to let the children have a 'break' after question 3 so that they can look and learn from their sheets. Go back to the quiz after 2 minutes 'break'.


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the success criteria after the 'who wants to be a millionaire' activity

Check achievement of the Success Criteria by questioning randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks)  

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