Classroom 3 with Prepositions

Learning Objective

Say where items are in a classroom


Success Criteria

I can name over 10 classroom items

I can name over 5 prepositions

I can use the dative case

I can translate English sentences into German


Key Vocabulary


das Klassenzimmer

die Schulsachen

das Buch

das Mäppchen

der Radiergummi

der Bleistift

die Buntstifte

die Bleistiftspitzer

das Lineal

die Schere

der Kleber

der Kugelschreiber

der Schreibtisch

der Stuhl

die (Wasser)flasche

die Tasse 




Definite articles in the dative case - dem, der, den
















Lesson Context

The children will go over the vocabulary already learnt in this topic, combining classroom items with prepositions. There will be more of a focus on the dative case this lesson, and the 'who wants to be a millionaire' activity should strengthen the children's understanding in this area. The lesson will end with two more formal writing tasks; translations and writing about their/a classroom



Powerpoint presentation

'Book and School' flashcards for the starter activity

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision  

'German Translation Border' sheet for written activity

'In meinem Klassenzimmer' sheet for written extension activity 

Slide 2 - Main Introduction

Communicate LO and SC


Slide 3 - Starter activity - Das Kartenspiel - revision of 'Book and School' vocabulary 

Explain that the children should be using the 'Lob' words on slide 3 and let them get on with it. Reward children for using the 'Lob' words.


Slides 4 -5  Classroom vocabulary

Quickly go over the classroom vocabulary that you have been teaching the children over the last 2 lessons. Challenge the children to name everything on the back of their sheets


Slide 6 - Prepositions

Again, re-visit the vocabulary on the slide and point out that some of these words have several meanings, but for today we will focus on the first one listed in each case. Give the children a minute or so to revise them


Slides 7 - 8 - The dative case

Tell the children that after all of the prepositions we have been learning, the following noun takes the dative case - refer to the slide and point out the dative case. You may want to write on a separate board the nominative case and the corresponding definite article in the dative case


Use slight 8 from last week as an example. Der Bleistift (the pencil) remains in the nominative case but 'der Kleber' (the glue) turns into 'dem Kleber' because it comes after the preposition hinter, meaning that it should take the dative case


Slides 9 - 28 - Wer wird Millionär?

'Zusammen' activity which will help the children to start putting definite articles in the dative case. Children to work with a partner using a wipe board and pen and 'who wants a be a millionaire' style slides:

  • Say the English and bring up the four possible German answers
  • The children work together quietly to write the correct letter on their wipe boards - A, B, C or D
  • After the time limit the children reveal their answers simultaneously
  • Repeat for the next question

*Alternative - Working alone, give the children 30 seconds to thing about which option they will choose and then simply ask them to raise their hands on the appropriate answer when you say A, B, C and D

*Extension - Get the children to write the German before any of the options appear.

*Note - I feel it helps learning to let the children have a 'break' after question 3 so that they can look and learn from their sheets. Go back to the quiz after 2 minutes 'break'.


Slide 29 - Translation - Writing Exercise

The 10 sentences on this slide are the same as the 10 that are on the 'German Translation Border' sheet. I stuck these sheets into the children's German books before the lesson so they are ready.

On the top line get the children to write the date in German. On line 2 the title of the lesson. On line 3 write 'Translation - Übersetzung'  


Now give the children 15+ minutes to translate the sentences on the sheets. Let them refer to their sheets which will help them with the classroom items, prepositions and the dative case. For the early finishes, there is and extension activity which you can hand to the children and they can stick in their books after the translation activity  


Slide 30 - In Meinem Klassenzimmer - Extension writing exercise

Tell the children to write some sentences based on where the items are placed on the back of their hand outs. When I did this, I told the children to leave a space between each sentence and I gave a reward to those children who wrote 5 grammatically correct sentences.

Alternatively, you could get the children to write about where items are placed in their classroom.


Assessment and Evidence

Observe and ask questions

Refer back to the learning objective and success criteria after the writing activities

Check achievement of the success criteria when you are on slide 31 by questioning and rewarding randomly selected children (using lollipop sticks) 

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