Völkerball - Dodgeball

An ideal 'outdoors' lesson for the end of the school year in the sun.


You could use the vocabulary from this lesson to play a variety of games as well as dodgeball such as benchball or netball

Key Vocabulary

Du bist raus




Der Ball/Die Bälle



Der Gewinner

Die Gewinnerin

Ich will werfen

(name) spielen

Kein Englisch

Eins bis zehn


Lesson Context

This is designed to be a stand-alone lesson. However as the language is not beginners level, I would suggest that the children should have had at least a few months of German before you teach them this lesson. Ideally teach it at the end of the Summer term so the children can enjoy the weather



Power point presentation

Hand outs which the children can take home for revision and use during the games

Cones and a ball

A football pitch/hall/enclosed area

Match up cards - cut up, mixed and bagged/paper clipped for each pair

Main Introduction

Slide 2 - Dodgeball vocabulary

Sag mir nach (repeat after me) the vocabulary with the children.


Match up

Give each pair of children cut up pack of match up cards. The pair has to match up the German words in their bag to the corresponding English word. When they are finished they put up their hands. When each pair puts up their hands check their answer and tell them 'richtig' or 'falsch'.

Extension - if some children finish very quickly you can send them to slower pairs to help them.

I have added the words 'Mannschaft' and 'team', even though these words weren't on the slide. Check which children were able to match these by process of elimination


Tell the children that as soon as one randomly selected child can translate 10 of the words into German, they will go outside. Give the children 5+ minutes to to learn and test each other on this vocabulary on their tables. 




Dodgeball Game

The children play against each other but are not allowed to speak English. Go over the vocabulary on slide 2 with them (bring a sheet outside) before they start. You are the referee and explain that if anyone speaks English they are out. Play several games with the children. The vocabulary will also work for games such as netball and benchball


Dodgeball - Völkerball.pptx
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