Time for German 101

Wednesdays 4pm GMT/12pm EST


Thursdays 8:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST


Thursdays 9:30pm GMT/5:30pm EST


Sundays 8:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST

Online Zoom Lessons

This course is a great introduction to the German language and is loosely based on the lessons on this website, but adapted and improved for Online Zoom Lessons on Outschool. Students do not require any previous knowledge of German and every lesson starts with fresh new vocabulary so they can join this ongoing course at any time. A printable sheet containing all vocabulary for each lesson will be provided in the classroom a few days before each lesson starts. Please click on the link below for more information:

Time for German 101 - World Languages Beginners Course | Small Online Class for Ages 6-11 | Outschool

Due to high demand, new classes will be added from the week commencing 28th June 2021:

Saturdays - 8:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST

Sundays - 3:15 pm GMT/11:15am EST

Time for German 102

This course can be taken as an independent German beginners course in its own right, or can be taken after or alongside 'Time for German 101'. The course will begin on the following days in the week commencing 28th June 2021:

Tuesdays 8:30pm GMT/4:30pm EST

Saturdays 9:30pm GMT/ 5:30pm EST

Sundays 4:15pm GMT/ 12:15pm EST

Sundays 9:30pm GMT/5:30pm EST